We’re not just here to fix IT problems (sort of)

Part of our vision is to demonstrate that IT is something that anyone with the right attitude can do. There are plenty of industries that rely on Vocational Training in their individuals, we usually associate these with ‘blue collar’ industries.

Are you seeing the connection?

We want to demonstrate that there is more than one entry into IT Services. Computers are everywhere – there is far more than a single industry. We’re positioned in ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ and ‘Desktop Support/Help Desk’. Theres also databases, Software as a Service, Software Development, and so on.

Our industry is about solving problems. Theres some know how you need to pick up along the way – which is where the Vocational Training comes into it. But ultimately, you need to want to solve a problem, try a solution, and repeat.

Over time you learn how problems appear, how to find more information, how to safely apply a solution, and how to prevent them in future. This comes from workplace experience.

Placements for Charities and NFPs

If you are a charity or NFP, and would like a placement from someone who wants to apply themselves in IT, then get in touch.

We’ll be with them every step of the way – either on site or remotely – guiding them in the tasks they should try and do. Think of it as a volunteer coming to help with IT issues, who is backed by a business with 25 years experience in IT services.

Placements for Small Businesses

At this stage we may not be offering placements in Small Businesses – but we do offer a 1 month free trial of the BCIT subscription, which might help get you across the line with a couple of issues. (And if you like it, maybe you’ll subscribe for $2 a day?)

In future this might change. It all depends on the availability of problems, and availability of people wanting work experience.

Training for Businesses

Need a crash course into a product? Or want to have a workshop for your staff to help get them across the line with their IT skills so you can push on with what you do?

You should let us know!

It may not be something we can offer right now, but we’re interested to know if there are companies looking for this – and it is on our roadmap of something we want to deliver as part of a BCIT subscription.