We’re trying to keep things as simple as possible. We are still in our early days, and the below service list is likely to change over the coming months, but feel free to use the information below as a guide.

All prices exclude GST

Users1-23-67-15Your choice!
Computers1-23-67-15Your choice!
Hours*1-23-56-10Your choice!
Price per Month
(min 12 months)
$60$180$360Our Technical Sales Consultant will provide a Price on Application
Operating Systems (Must have valid vendor support)Windows,
Windows, MacWindows, MacWindows, Mac and Servers^
Contact Hours9am-5pm,
Customer business Hours
After Hours
Additional charges (at $120 per hour)Additional charges (at $120 per hour)Surcharge only (Service hour + $60, each hour)Varies
On-Site ServicesAdditional charges (at $90 per hour)Additional charges (at $90 per hour)Surcharge only (Service hour + $30, each hour)Varies
Remote Connection
Ticket Management
DocumentationKnowledgebase KnowledgebaseKnowledgebase and Service MapKnowledgebase and Service Map
Response Time1 business day4 hours1 hourYour Choice! (1 Day, 4 hours, 1 hour)
Resolution Goal5 business days3 business days 1 business dayYour Choice! (1 week, 3 days, 1 day)

*Hours of service:
– Our estimate of how many hours per month your business will need, and receive, on average, per month over 12 months.
– If you use more or less than this amount, we may recommend an alternate tier to prevent under/over servicing.
– Includes any tickets; does not include general queries, online tutorials/webinars, our documentation or admin – these are all part of the service!
– Ultimately, we are a business and can’t do more work than we can afford. We will be aiming to keep costs at a minimum to provide the most service as possible, and may adjust these services levels as needed.

^Server maintenance: Maintenance of servers, infrastructure, extensive networking and utilities is available on application.