Here’s some questions and answers, that might help you learn more about us and the Blue Collar IT services!

Whats with the Blue Collar?

Our business is modelled over the tried and true “blue collar” industries. We believe most IT Services don’t need degrees, engineering or corporate attitudes.

Our attitude towards people and culture is that we want people who aren’t afraid to get in there, give things a go, and get the job done. We don’t clock out because the clock hit 5pm, and we aren’t satisfied with a job half done.

For this culture we need people that have the willingness to learn and understand the technology we have, take instruction to fix it, and the passion to solve problems all day, every day.

We operate using a ‘foreman’, or Lead Technician, who works on the complex work and provides instruction and training to the other Technicians. Our Technicians handle the bulk of the tasks, documentation and communication to our customers.

Why use trainees?

We’re not going to hide the fact that our workforce have Technicians in training. Some IT companies do, and they will charge the same rate for their Trainee’s work as they do for their full time consultants.

All of our Technicians are learning, on the job, just like you’d see in any apprenticeship in mechanics and construction. We want to keep costs low for our customers, while also giving real world experience to people that want to experience the world of IT.

Our culture is targeted towards people who want to learn, and to solve. IT is full of problems; with your computer, its operating system, the software, your network.

Why should I pay a subscription, even when I don’t need services every month?

Good question! Theres a few reasons for this:

  • We don’t want you to leave issues running too long

Its far too easy for a small problem, to turn into a big one. What was a ‘huh, that was an odd pop-up’, can lead to ‘a virus has locked me out of my computer!’

We want you to use your services each month, so that we stay fresh in your environment, and solve the little problems before they become a big one.

  • We stay ready, for when you need us

Its a bit like an ‘on-call’ fee. During that month, anytime you contact us we have agreed to be ready to respond to your requests within the SLA. To do that, we need eyes looking over emails, the portal, and checking in with you occasionally.

Without it, our efforts to attend to your request carry no guarantees. Which might be your preference, you can have a chat to us about these kind of arrangements.

  • We’re going to try and make sure it doesn’t go to waste

We want our staff busy. Like, really busy, if we can. So as part of the overall program we will be approaching Charities and NFP’s to find out if they would like some IT Support, for free, to keep a nice flow of problems into our system for our Technicians to solve.

So worst case, if your monthly subscription cost isn’t going towards the work or the background administration, it will go to a Charity/NFP.

We’ll periodically report on usage statistics from our customers and our charitable work.

Unfortunately neither we – or you – can claim this service on tax, based on the legislation around donations – you cannot specify a service that the donation goes towards, and you cannot donate a service, and claim tax on it.

But, it still feels good doing something good, right?

Why am I locked in for the first 12 months?

Well, firstly we hope you tried our Free Trial, to make sure the service was right for you. So after that, and you’re still interested, heres why we want a 12 month initial commitment.

Every computer system takes a bit of time to become familiar with, and to generate ‘knowledge’. We will keep in-house notes on our customers to aid future tickets and solutions that come up.

If we are ‘called in’ without a regular agreement, it will feel like we are starting from square one each time.

As this is a new program, we also want to have a smooth intake of customers coming on board. It will be difficult to plan our service levels if we have a ‘yo-yo’ of customers.

We’ve tried to keep our costs as low as possible – based on our research, the average price for an hourly price for an IT consultant is $135 per hour. We’re asking for $60 a month for our lowest service level, with 1-2 hours of service available each month.

We know a lock-in contract can be scary, which is why we offer a free trial month.

Oh, and don’t forget – we’re also locked in too! By having this agreement, we’re also agreeing that we can deliver these services to you for 12 months.